Life Lessons from A Dive Into Art

On the Road To Possible

As I dive into mixed media art, I find it so interesting the life lessons waiting for me!

On Spring Break I experienced a miracle….OK a miracle for me!  I actually set up an art studio and worked on five pieces of Sister Story “girls” in one week.  The miracle was 5 days in a row of time for art.  Yes, 5 days where my JOY was on the top of my to-do list.  Is that sad that putting my own joy first on my list is a miracle?  Lesson number 1: Put JOY at the top of your list!

The Ugly Stage

Lesson number 2 from art as joy:  Everything starts with a chaotic “ugly stage.”  With my Sister Story artwork, I begin with a collage of all kinds of papers, small objects and “stuff.”  In this piece I used a thank you note card written to me, some punched out shapes and some of those inspirational quotes from tea bags.  I am always on the lookout for inspirational pieces for future Sisters.

When you begin a collage, the trick is to let go and paste wildly without much planning or exacting thought.  I cannot think of a time I don’t have planning and exact thought!  My teacher Kelly Rae Roberts calls it “the 10-second rule.”  You have just 10 seconds to “commit” to haphazardly creating whatever is meant to be… from inside you!

Here is the “before” and “after” of my Sister called Be Possible.  After the “ugly stage,” I find her in the chaos.  I find her head, her body and begin bringing her to life.  The process is slow and filled with pure joy.  I find “her” voice and discover her style points.  At each step is a chance to play with color, texture, and technique.  I guess that creates lesson number 3: Ugly and unplanned becomes fun and fanciful as you let go and create in art (as my Sisters are born) and in life.

So What About You?

What can you create as “ugly, wild and unplanned” that will be your next most beautiful masterpiece?

When can you truly let go and find pure joy?

Can you give yourself permission to not know an outcome?

Can you play with scraps, texture, and color till you find what works?

And what voice inside of you is ready to be heard?

TODAY we put our own amazing life creations on the top of our to-do list!

Let’s all Be Possible and create JOY!



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