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    Discover how Betsy's philosophy of ROI: Return on Ideas can be used to help you grow your business network, find success, and build connections.

About Betsy

Betsy is a serial social entrepreneur, artist and maker, podcast host, marketing evangelist, expert convener, community organizer, strategic philanthropist, and relentless cheerleader.

Betsy Wiersma is known for BIG IDEA thinking and her ability to rally people around a common cause.  After years of service leading the national events industry, Betsy focuses on Wiersma Experience Marketing, her consulting and event marketing company in Denver, Colorado where she innovates networks, events, podcasts, products and promotions. 


How Can Strategic Events Work For You

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    In the News

    Check out Betsy's feature in CIO Views: Women Leaders

    Making a Difference with the Power of Goodness

    Podcasts Are Our New Stage!

    Be Apart of Our World

    By the Numbers

    Nearly One-Quarter of Americans Listen to Podcasts Weekly

    Why Podcasts Why Now?

    They can be a strategic marketing tool for business growth and personal positioning

    About GSPN

    We launched in 2018 with our Boost Power Radio show and have expanded to include 3 more podcasts under our GSPN umbrella. Listen below

    Boost Power Podcast

    Sister Stories

    Sisters Strong

    What Are We Offering?

    We are gathering and launching business, lifestyle, and inspirational podcasts specifically supporting female entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

    Get started with one of our podcast packages

    Global Sisterhood Travel Adventures

    Launched in 2019, Global Sisterhood is an expansion of the CampExperience Network, a women's organization that has been around for 15 years in the Denver, Colorado area. The goal was to create a network that connected women, gave back to the community, and helped women grow individually and in their professional endeavors. 

    Building upon that idea, we wanted to expand outside of our neighborhood and connect with women across the globe. Discover where The Global Sisterhood has been, and uncover the diverse stories and women we have come across. Plus, learn about the 2021 adventure plans for Art Exploration Around World.

    Art On Purpose

    with Betsy Wiersma

    Betsy combines positive intention, love and scraps from the world to make her mixed media Sisters, celebrations and friends.  Her playful style calls forth our participation, as each piece encourages us to live our best life and to savor the journey.

    Friends & Family

    Vision Board Making

    College and Heart Expression

    Crafty Crafts

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