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If you take inventory of the best times of your life and your best memories, my guess is they are experiences! When you attend a retreat or workshop, take a course, travel, learn, explore, grow, taste, and understand, you change every cell in your body. And as you rejoice, relax, achieve, conquer, gain a perspective or master a new skill, you grow and open new possibilities for your life.  

Experiences are the spice of a happy and joy-filled life. I am a happiness catalyst. 

My motto is Dream BIG Live BIG. And I have dedicated my life to staging and helping you host memorable experiences.

Who is Betsy Wiersma?

I am a social entrepreneur, podcaster, artist and maker, marketing maven, expert convener, community organizer, strategic philanthropist, and relentless cheerleader.

Known for my BIG IDEAS and ability to rally people around a common cause. After years of service leading the national events industry and creating the CampExperience™ Network, I am switching focus to Wiersma Experiences, offering local and global retreats, workshops, and consulting services from my home base in Denver Colorado, USA.

In 2020, I authored The STEW: Smart Talk Exceptional Women, a 200+ page tabletop book inspired by my art and the insights of 62 storytellers. I wrote the college textbook Exceptional Events: Concept to Completion,  led workshops in Italy, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Scotland, Jamaica, Spain, Australia, Norway, and cities throughout the United States.  

My passion for travel and learning the stories of women everywhere has led me to create the Global Sisterhood Network and our flagship Boost Power Podcast. Leaning into my love for connection, in 2021, I launched my first online courses: Powerful Purpose Vision Boards and MOVE Into Action. Through my Art on Purpose brand, I offer an array of inspirational art products.

Doing Good & Having Fun

Over the years, I have been recognized for my innovation and community service with three worldwide ESPRIT Awards for event excellence, induction into the Colorado Meetings and Events Magazine Hall of Fame, the 2018 Francis Jacobs Wisebart Award for Philanthropy from Mile High United Way, and the 25 Most Powerful Women in Colorado award from Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. In 2019 I was lucky enough to be a Ted-X speaker on the topic “Choose Your Family Change Your Life.”

In the 16-years since I founded the CampExperience™ Network, together we have raised over $1 million cash and in-kind support for women’s charities in Colorado and worldwide.  

The thread that weaves Betsy’s life and business is simple.

Everything is ROI: Return on Ideas


definition:  noun

(the process of getting) knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things

something that happens to you that affects how you feel

the way that something happens and how it makes you feel

knowledge or skill that you get from doing, seeing, or feeling things, or the process of getting this


Art On Purpose

with Betsy Wiersma

I believe art has magical superpowers for the creator and the owner. I begin each piece with a foundation of hope, love and inspiration. I combine positive intention, love and scraps from the world to make my mixed media art. The playful style calls forth our participation, as each piece encourages us to live our best life and to savor the journey.

Enjoy my Art on Purpose in a variety of styles and products.

Today Betsy creates original art, teaches art workshops and retreats, and has expanded her line of Products on Purpose to include...

  • — Custom Pieces to honor special people, places or occasions

  • — Orignal Art Work

  • — One of a Kind Prints

  • — The STEW


Attend or Host Unforgettable Expereinces

I have developed the Art & Insight Retreats hosted at the Keystone Gulch Retreat Center in Colorado and various locations around the globe through partnerships with my friends. I have also teamed up with fantastic retreat leaders to add these incredible art workshops to their programs, and I can help you plan and manage your next retreat anywhere you choose.

Contact Betsy for the latest dates and availability.

  • Fall 2021

    Art & Insights Retreat, Keystone, Colorado

  • Spring 2022

    Art & Insights London, England with M.E. Ster-Molnar

  • June 2022

    Art & Insights Retreat, Keystone, Colorado

  • September 2022

    Art & Insights Retreat, Keystone, Colorado


In Person & Virtual

I am taking my customized BIG IDEA thinking and interactive workshops to 20 countries and around the USA, bringing my Art & Insights workshops and breakout sessions to your next retreat or event.

Move Ideas Into Action

Enjoy a six-session workshop with me and 15 collaborators + $3500 of bonus gifts.

  • — Creative Warm-Up: Stop Thinking, Start Dreaming

  • — CreativWarm-UpUp: Stop Thinking, Start Dreaming

  • — Powerful Purpose Vision Boards

  • — Daily Dreaming Vision Boxes

  • Surprise Daily Journaling

  • Speaking Your Ideas onto the World

  • The Magic of Creating Community: Give to Get

Powerful Purpose Vision Boards

Enjoy this 45-minute video course for you and your team, all about creating Powerful Purpose Vision Boards. The course includes the Creation Kit of Supplies to make multiple boards.

In the News

Where Women Create Magazine

Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women


I am offering ideas and project creation packages to help your team MAXIMIZE ROI: Return on Ideas

  • — Events As Marketing Tools

  • — Creative Fundraising

  • — Community Building

  • — Volunteer, Staff and Stakeholder Appreciation


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