Betsy standing in front of brick wall with jean jacket.

Betsy Wiersma is a serial entrepreneur, author, global professional speaker and founder of the CampExperience™ Network, 5000+ women she has gathered for good.  In her 20 years in Denver, she has started and led numerous creative charity support projects including the HOPE Bracelet Project for Project Mercy in Africa and her 13-year old CampExperience™ Network.  Betsy’s efforts have raised over 1 million for charitable causes in Colorado and around the globe.  Her efforts and her dedication to helping women has earned her the prestigious 2018 Mile High United Way Frances Wisebart Jacobs Award for her philanthropy.  Betsy and her husband Doug Lane are United Way Tocqueville Society members. In 2018 Betsy was also chosen as one of the “Top Most Powerful Women in Colorado.”

Betsy is known for ROI: Return on Ideas, and her event marketing textbooks are used around the globe.  She has spoken in 20 countries on creative marketing and event production topics; and has produced a global satellite TV show for the US Air Force, as well as customer programs for special events on bases around the world.  Winner of numerous global event planning awards, Betsy was the first inductee in 2008 into the Colorado Meetings & Events Magazine Hall of Fame as Best Event Planner.  Other recognition includes 2017 Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Athena Award finalist, 2015 Colorado Women’s Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year, 2015 Finalist Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business, 2013 Nominee PBS Newsmakers Luncheon Be More Award, and Winner of the 2010 Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business Consultant Category.

Betsy’s lifelong dream has been to take her public speaking and storytelling skills to the airwaves. After a year as co-host of Boost Power Radio, Betsy is launching the Global Sisterhood Podcast Network and has to date interviewed 170 women on three continents to amplify their voices and showcase their stories. When she is not discovering great women to interview, she is doing inspirational mixed-media art and enjoying global travel with her family.