Betsy Wiersma, Mixed Media Artist

Betsy combines positive intention, love and scraps from the world to make her mixed media Sisters, celebrations and friends.  Her playful style calls forth our participation, as each piece encourages us to live our best life and to savor the journey.

Betsy has always been a maker.  As a self-confessed “craftlete,” Betsy started her first bead jewelry business in 4th grade with her best friend Mary Elliott.  After a whopping $40 profit and the admiration of many 4th-grade girl “fans,” Betsy was hooked on art, crafts and products on purpose.  This love of art and the magical connections it creates has been part of the success of her CampExperience™ Network and Global Sisterhood Network outreach and events.

Welcome to My
Art On Purpose

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

Today I Thank

Women On Purpose

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Today Is Full Of Possibilities

Friends & Family

Vision Board Making

College and Heart Expression

Crafty Crafts

Betsy loves to co-create retreats to “advance” your ideas and to add revenue to your business. 

The Keystone Gulch Retreat Center is the perfect place for groups from 10 to 18 and is equipped with everything you need for breakout sessions, indoor and outdoor group meals, hiking, relaxation and FUN!  

Some key experiences that she offers are Art Retreats for Family & Friends, businesses, or personal groups. She can coordinate Vision Board Making, Collage and Heart Expression, or Crafty Crafts.

Along with creating your won retreat, Betsy host multiple Art Retreats of her own in Keystone that are available to attend on a first come first serve basis. 

To learn about upcoming retreats email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sweet LIfe

Sail Away


"The first step to your next is to spread your wings and fly"

After the basics of the art workshop, it was time to fly! What did that mean? It was time to try some new techniques. It meant trying the scary things like dripping the paint all over. Then, layering the paper and personalizing it with crazy dots! The exploration of NEW made me peaceful and alive. Engaging and in total union with my head and my heart. Fly came to Earth as a bird butterfly heading towards the future. Fly used many mediums to spread her wings and bring herself into the world. Fly is what happened at the moment when head and heart collide, and love wins. Fly is your call to action. Spread and Go!


The Angels That Started It All

At the ripe old age of 56, I stumbled upon an art program hosted by an artist I liked, Kelly Rae Roberts. I booked a spot for myself and a friend. I needed this, between serving my HUGE and growing tribe in CampExperience™ and my daughter growing up, I realized I was not doing anything for myself. It was an intensive workshop in California, and I had never taken an art class. I was a craftlete...I just made stuff. But I needed to escape my “normal life” and responsibilities and let myself just art! So from my soul came my first mixed-media art angels. 

First was Grace, then her Sister Next, and my third piece Grow.  I believe these angels were my self talking to myself. 

Since starting to explore my art and creating Grow, I have created over 100 pieces, designed and produced two card decks, greeting cards, blessing journals, and an upcoming book.


The Adventure

"Travel sparks our imagination, feeds our curiosity, and reminds us how much we all have in common."

Deborah Loyd


This is to be


Focus On Whats Important

Time Is Now

Love Yourself Now

"Self-love is the magic elixir to boost your love for the world. Love yourself now."

How much love do we shine into the world while forgetting the source? How many times have we showered great understanding and compassion on everyone except ourselves? What happened when we are down and depleted and cannot see the light? Love Yourself Now came forth to remind us that self-love is the magic that heals the world. Self-love is the fuel for our passion and purpose. Self-love is the way we stay whole, complete, and ready to serve. Our magic is to love yourself now

Be Fancy


Chose Joy

“I begin every piece by writing on the canvas a positive affirmation and statement for purpose.  In the process, I connect to my inner voice for love and wisdom, and to bring to life these Sisters and friends to uplift the owner."

Betsy Wiersma

Lights On

Stronger Than Yesterday

Time Is Now

Time Is Now

"Today is the day you start tomorrow. The time is now."

What are you waiting for? How many times do we make up a story called there will be a time when everything is perfect?

What are we waiting for? Why does it always "take so long" in motion to our next? The Time Is Now sister was created on the canvas of another painting that I had done in an art workshop. She jumped into her glory of color and her bold statement. No more waiting around! Everything in art and in life is possible. And nothing can get in the way of your dreams if you start them. So start them. Take action. Make a step. Because the time is now. 

Lucky Is A State Of Mind

Do It Now

  • Happy Everything Journal
  • Greeting Cards
  • Postcard Set
  • Inside Planner Layout
  • Card Deck
  • Betsy Selling her Art On Purpose


Today Betsy creates original art and has expanded her line of Products on Purpose to include:

  • Custom Pieces to honor special people, places or occasions
  • Blessing Journals
  • Blank and All Occasion Cards
  • Card Decks: Dream Big Live Big & LiveHappy Connection Cards and Game
  • LiveHappy Journal
  • Assorted Art Stickers

Count Your Blessings

Make A Difference


"Your Story is your truth. make it a good one and believe in yourself."

What do you know for sure is truth? Who is the author of the adventure that is your life journey? And what happy ending will you write for yourself? Believe is here to tell us that our story is our truth. Believe is here to assure us that what we can dream we can do. Believe is a mantra to use each day as we work toward our best possible dreams. Believe is the truth that sharing our story saves the world. 


Be Goddess

You Be You

Love WIns


Yes And

"What can you say yes to today, and who can help you on your journey?"

Meet our Sister Yes And. She is a smiling whimsical beacon of possibility. She has angel wings of beautiful flowers and a butterfly on her headdress. She is asking us, what can we say yes to today? And who can we find to share the load? Yes and And are opening words that take us to our next and remind us of the help we can attract on our journey. Yes is GO! Yes is movement and action. Yes is the possibility. What will you say YES to today? And who are the lucky Sisters you will take on the journey with you?

Quirky Queen

Be Your Brave Self


Are you looking for a custom piece or to host your own workshop?


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