Why Podcasting Why Now?

As a public speaker in 20 countries around the globe, Betsy loved the opportunity to travel and bring her unique style of storytelling and humorous teaching to the stage. This changed in 2002 when she adopted her one-day-old baby girl and chose to become a “work at home” mom. She embraced being the Girl Scout Troop leader, carpool queen and the parent on duty. This meant shifting her career focus.

Although the travel schedule changed, her messages were still vital. Betsy hosted a global television broadcast for the US Air Force from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, that transmitted to every Air Force Base in the world. This show, WOW Works, was the beginning of her media career.

In 2018, Betsy dove back into broadcasting with her radio show, Boost Power Radio hosted with longtime friend Rhonda Sheya. After a year of proof of concept in internet radio, Betsy launched Boost Power Podcast in 2020. Her brand of upbeat storytelling showcases amazing women from around the globe and shares their tips and tools for women to take with them on their journeys.

Podcasts Are Our New Stage

The growth in this media is amazing! There are 800,000 shows globally and 18% or 145,000 are active. 

Podcasts are evergreen and active as marketing and business building tools. They are intimate and people listen to them as they drive to work, do their chores and live their lives. Here are some more fun 2019 facts:

  • Nearly One-Quarter of Americans Listen to Podcasts Weekly
  • 70% of Americans Have Heard of Podcasts. ...up from 64% in 2018
  • 51% of Americans (12 or older) Have Listened to a Podcast
  • 32% of Americans Listen to Podcasts Monthly
  • 40% of Americans 54 or Younger Listen to Podcasts Monthly

Strategic Podcasts for Business Growth and Personal Positioning

Betsy now offers strategic podcast creation and production services.

We are gathering and launching business, lifestyle, and inspirational podcasts specifically supporting female entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Women podcasters and smart business owners using strategic podcasts for marketing and business development will enjoy the vast resources of the host platform Megaphone. We will design each podcast to meet your goals and will support the creation process with our access to top-rated resources.

We will maximize distribution on the major podcast players including Apple, Google, Tune In, Stitcher, Spotify and iHeart Podcast Network.

Never Miss A Moment

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The first day of the rest of your life starts now.

Boost Power Podcast

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This space was designed with a busy women's life in mind. We want to provide you with connections and inspirations, all on a timetable that suits your needs. Jump around episodes as you please. 

Here is where you'll find ideas for your business and personal life, how you can make an impact, and juggle it. Our guests share the truths about their paths, their progress, and especially their challenges.

New Episodes released seasonally.

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Sister Stories

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Betsy has traveled the globe with curious investigations into the lives of all types of women. With six countries and four continents down, this is just the beginning! Discover their stories. 

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