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This Is The Start Of A BIG IDEA!

We are gathering and launching business, lifestyle, and inspirational podcasts specifically supporting female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Women podcasters and smart business owners using strategic podcasts for marketing and business development will enjoy the vast resources of the host platform Megaphone. We will design each podcast to meet strategic goals and will support the creation process with top resources. We will maximize distribution on the major podcast players including Apple, Google, Tune In, Stitcher, Spotify, and iHeart Podcast Network.

Why Megaphone and Why A Podcast Network

The Megaphone platform (via IPN) is the leading choice for large organizations like Walt Disney, LinkedIn and major broadcast networks. We have a special relationship to curate our extraordinary Podcast Network and access these vast resources. 

For each podcast, we will publish, distribute, measure downloads by episode, and be ready to monetize the content with relative ease. From the beginning, you (with our support) will have the opportunity to insert promotions or advertising segments across your podcast. If you have a sponsor or cross-promotion, we can add that to an episode. This technology is fascinating! 

We will continue to gather women podcasters, and in early 2021 we will launch our Global Sisterhood Podcast Network. This tribe will share best practices, events, cross-marketing and collaboration as we amplify the voices of women.  As we grow our downloads, we will seek network-wide sponsorship. 

What Is Included In The Package:

  • Co-creation of the strategy, concept, format and name

  • Creation of Social Media posts for each episode for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Management of graphic artist for 3 ideas for a “tile” graphic

  • Marketing ideas for the tagline, graphics and marketing of the podcast

  • Management of production company for creation of professional voice over, open, middle segment and close

  • Help with choice of music: your own or music we source for you

  • Scripting and management of production of 6 episodes to create a season

  • Rehearsal as needed for episodes

  • We will hook you up to record high definition audio on our recording platform

  • Upon approval of episodes, hosting your episodes and distribution from Megaphone to podcast players

  • We will cover the hosting fees for Megaphone for 12 months from your date of publication and you will have the ability to download and move your shows if you choose

  • For each episode, you will have a link to the specific episode and a link to the entire season. These links can be used in any newsletter, website or social media post

  • Monitoring and reporting of monthly downloads


This team led by Betsy Wiersma includes Melissa Levad graphic artist, John McVey producer, Meagan Osgood administration and social media support. 

For music, you can provide your own and show us your license to use it, or we can provide original music from Colorado artist Megan Burtt (from her catalog of work or developed for your podcast).

For Pricing and More Information Please Email Betsy Wiersma This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How It Works: Content Planning and Preparation

Upon payment of deposit to Wiersma Experience Marketing, Betsy Wiersma will meet with you to create your strategy. As you start out, you will have to build your listeners and downloads “from scratch.”

Betsy will help you identify:

  • What is my topic that I am excited to take to the world

  • What do my current and future customers need to know from me and my unique perspective

  • What is my uniqueness in how I deliver my message with style?

  • Upon approval of episodes, hosting your episodes and distribution from Megaphone to podcast players

From the strategy, we will design the “tactic” of your podcast season to meet your specific needs.  Next, we will choose a name, discuss art styles for graphics, choose a color pallet and start the design process. While the art is in production, we will discuss your format, use of guests, topics for six episodes and start your scripts.

You will choose a style of open, middle and close and the style of voice over that fits your podcast. We match music and record your three standard components of the opening, middle and close.

The fun begins as we finalize and practice the script and record your first content. The content is passed to the studio and mixed to create the first episode! The studio will make one round of changes to any episode to be sure you are pleased with the quality. We will repeat this process to create six episodes. If you want to do another season, we will customize a relationship to fit what you need.

Posting to Megaphone and Distribution

Upon approval of your graphic tile, we will post each episode to Megaphone and distribute it to the podcast players. Building on the graphic, we will create your Social Media graphics in multiple formats and gift them to you for posting and promotion. 

What Else Do I Need To Consider?

As we create your podcast strategy, you will decide if this is going to be "one season" that is evergreen and will last you for the foreseeable future. Or are you wanting to branch into the podcasting world and "become a podcast host?" The latter will require the commitment to creating multiple seasons of a show.

For the best possible outcome, you will need a headset USB microphone to record on your computer (not your phone.) 

Our Commitment to YOU!

Our team has worked together to create Boost Power Podcast and is in the process of helping others find their voice in this growing media platform. The growth in this media is fantastic! There are 800,000 shows globally and 18% or 145,000 are active (reoccurring seasons). 

Podcasts are evergreen and adaptive tools for marketing and building a business. They are intimate and people listen to them as they drive to work, do their chores and live their lives. Here are some more fun 2019 facts:

  • 70% of Americans Have Heard of Podcasts...up from 64% in 2018

  • 51% of Americans (12 or older) Have Listened to a Podcast

  • 32% of Americans Listen to Podcasts Monthly

  • Nearly One-Quarter of Americans Listen to Podcasts Weekly

  • 40% of Americans 54 or Younger Listen to Podcasts Monthly

We Would Love To Partner With You and Watch Our Podcasts & Network Grow Together


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