Betsy Wiersma, Mixed Media Artist

Betsy combines positive intention, love and scraps from the world to make her mixed media Sisters, celebrations and friends.  Her playful style calls forth our participation, as each piece encourages us to live our best life and to savor the journey.

Betsy has always been a maker.  As a self-confessed “craftlete,” Betsy started her first bead jewelry business in 4th grade with her best friend Mary Elliott.  After a whopping $40 profit and the admiration of many 4th-grade girl “fans,” Betsy was hooked on art, crafts and products on purpose.  This love of art and the magical connections it creates has been part of the success of her CampExperience™ Network and Global Sisterhood Network outreach and events.

Welcome to My
Art On Purpose

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

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Women On Purpose

Today Is Full Of Possibilities

The Angels That Started It All

At the ripe old age of 56, I stumbled upon an art program hosted by an artist I liked, Kelly Rae Roberts. I booked a spot for myself and a friend. I needed this, between serving my HUGE and growing tribe in CampExperience™ and my daughter growing up, I realized I was not doing anything for myself. It was an intensive workshop in California, and I had never taken an art class. I was a craftlete...I just made stuff. But I needed to escape my “normal life” and responsibilities and let myself just art! So from my soul came my first mixed-media art angels. 

First was Grace, then her Sister Next, and my third piece Grow.  I believe these angels were my self talking to myself. 

Since starting to explore my art and creating Grow, I have created over 100 pieces, designed and produced two card decks, greeting cards, blessing journals, and an upcoming book.


My Process

“I begin every piece by writing on the canvas a positive affirmation and statement for purpose.  In the process, I connect to my inner voice for love and wisdom, and to bring to life these Sisters and friends to uplift the owner."

Betsy Wiersma

Lucky Is A State Of Mind

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