Why Story Why Now?

Have you ever thought about where you learn what you know? 

What are some of the most important life lessons that shape your everyday choices?  Who were people that changed the way you thought about life or even death?    My belief…..everything is a story!

We recently celebrated the outstanding life of our dear Camp Sister Barbara Bloodgood.  Barbara’s story will stick with me forever and I watched how it touched the hearts and minds of literally hundreds…and with the internet…thousands.  Barbara is a warrior in her life and now in spirit.  She had a bright cheery outlook and solution for “every world problem” as long as you had a friend and a nice glass of wine.  Four separate cancer battles could not get her down.  Her life was always about possible!

Barbie told stories.  Stories of family and friends and their life journey.  Stories of corporate America and the joys of retirement.  Stories of her true love John Bloodgood and her darling children and grandchildren.  And the dedicated, connected, thoughtful stories are where we all learned to live, to love, to laugh and to cry.

I was blessed with 10+ years of this true friend who volunteered as our first CampExperience™ Network intern (at age 55) and was quickly “promoted” to the CampCommittee.  I was blessed with 17 hours each way on a plane to Africa to serve with Barbie at Project Mercy, and many nights under the stars in the hot tub in Keystone.  I was blessed with her yummy cabbage salad recipe and her help cleaning up the dishes after events.  But most of all, I am blessed by the story of her legacy that I have in my heart and in my intention to share with the world.

I love you Barbie.  Your story will live on forever.

Warrior Barbara an art tribute to Barbara Bloodgood by Marianne Richmond